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The process of restoring the body starts before you leave the hall or area. We propose to study several proven methods of intensive restoration in practice.

According to the famous bodybuilder Mike Kundla, of all the processes that make up the pursuit of weight gain, restoration is most often the weak link. He emphasizes that training is a deformation and breaks in the muscle fibers, you will not see the result, if you do not fill the amount of glycogen in the muscles and restore the activity of the nervous system. Popular fitness instructor Brandon Strong offers a different vision of the situation; he immediately warns all his students that without a full recovery from a previous workout, they will not be able to be in shape before the next one.

Two experienced personalities of the world of sport presented their view on the optimization of recovery processes. Then you will learn about the information from their post-training protocols, as well as with the most profitable behavioral strategies after training and on training-free days.

We are starting to recover – even before leaving the hall

It sounds amazing, but the muscles can begin to recover immediately after a workout, for this you will need to complete your program with a static stretch and hitch. In order not to lose elasticity, muscles should always develop along a vector of flexibility, for this purpose static stretching is ideal. Regular performance produces a positive effect on the joints; they become more mobile, that is, less prone to injury.

Brandon Strong devotes to stretching for at least 10 minutes after each workout and considers this as the surest way to a quick recovery. When training is mainly on the legs, stretching is performed using a cylinder for dianabol cycle Pilates. Strong also uses water procedures for himself, with cold water he relieves muscle inflammation and discomfort. It should be noted that the use of cold water is appropriate only for hardy and hardened people.

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Mike Kundla also resorts to stretching, only exercises for her are selected depending on the type of training. His sports days are divided into power and auxiliary. The intensity of power days is off the scale – an athlete works with a lot of weight testosterone propionate, performs the most complex multi-joint exercises, for example, bench press and deadlift. Such training causes the need for enhanced recovery, that is, a huge number of stretch marks with the connection of gymnastic equipment to them. Kundla recommends adopting not only a cylinder for Pilates, as Strong suggests, but also weights, as well as tennis balls.

Auxiliary days in Mike Kundla’s workouts are set aside for performing one-joint exercises, the complexes of which include biceps flexions, triceps extensions, cardio workouts, and general physical training. On such days, classes end with static stretch marks. The athlete also emphasizes the importance of strengthening the feet, that is, the ligaments and ankles, to accomplish this goal, a complex of a hundred jumps on two legs, another hundred with alternating legs and fifty jumps on each leg will do.

An example of Mike Kundla‘s post-training protocol for power days:

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10-15 stretch marks in the “cat” – “camel” positions, they relax the shoulders and back;

Stretching for the muscles of the back of the thigh, back and quadriceps, it uses a cylinder of Pilates, for the legs it can be replaced with a barbell;

2-3 approaches for stretching trigger zones, pelvic muscles, calves, a tennis ball is used, each position is held for 30 seconds;

Lunges when walking, 10-15 for each leg;

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Circular movements of the arms, 20 in each direction;

Hitch on an exercise bike for 3-5 minutes.

Water use – for hydration and not only

We all have repeatedly heard about the importance of drinking regime and maintaining the body’s desired level of fluid. Both athletes are urged not to forget that the hydration of the body is important to maintain its proper functioning, as well as the fact that water plays an important role in the recovery of muscles after exercise. Strong regularly conducts training in the pool in order to recover, he swims and npp cycle runs in the water at shallow depths. The trainer recommends doing the same to all his followers, explaining that the coolness of the water helps to level the body temperature after an intense load, and the resistance of the water relaxes the muscles, promoting tissue repair.

Post-training nutrition planning

Professionals recommend dividing food intake after training into two times, and the food consumed should completely cover the body’s need for energy. If you choose the right food, it will not only contribute to the recovery, but also prepare the body in advance for new workouts.

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Kundla prefers Amino1 sports nutrition from MusclePharm, he adds one and a half measuring spoons to his shaker with water and this constitutes his first meal after exercise. The mixture gives him the optimal combination of glutamine and BCAA, which contributes to the beginning of intensive recovery. As a second meal, the athlete recommends taking 40 grams of high-quality protein, the carbohydrate and fat content of which will not exceed 5 grams, this may be one and a half measuring spoons of Combat Isolate isolate from the same manufacturer, MusclePharm. If you have time, then a second meal can be prepared from familiar foods, it can be a half cup of proteins and 30-60 grams of broccoli or other green vegetables.

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